Election Commission Rejecting Zulfi Bukhari’s Nomination Papers

Gross Miscarriage of Justice

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USPA NEWS - Election Commission Rejecting Zulfi Bukhari’s Nomination Papers - Gross Miscarriage of Justice

The overseas Pakistani community and members of UK Parliament, are shocked and disappointed with Pakistan Election Commission for rejecting Syed Abbas Zulfiqar Bukhari’s (Zulfi Bukhari), nomination papers, said Shazada Hayat President UICF (UK) and international community welfare campaigner.
It has been learnt that the Pakistan Election Commission have rejected Zulfi Bukhari’s election nomination papers. This has apparently been done firstly on the pretext and assumption that Zulfi Bukhari is holding dual British and Pakistani nationality.
This is far from the true fact. When in fact the whole of Pakistan and the overseas Pakistani community is fully aware that Zulfi Bukhari has renounced his British citizenship in August 2022. How then can Pakistan’s Election Commission choose this pretext and narrative. Despite all of his official documents from the UK Office being submitted to the Election Commission of Pakistan accordingly. Furthermore, a confirmation letter reiterating this fact from the British High Commission dated 19th March 2024, clearly states Zulfi Bukhari has given up his British citizenship in August 2022. We have also learnt that the Pakistan Election Commission rejected Zulfi Bukhari’s nomination papers for the Senate Elections, this time on the pretext and assumption that Zulfi Bukhari’s signature on his application appears to be a forgery.
Zulfi Bukhari has confirmed to the Election Commission that his signature was not a forgery but in fact it is his signature. Also, the fact that Zulfi Bukhari’s signature was witnessed by a public notary and endorsed. If the Pakistan’s Supreme Court find the testimony of Zulfi Bukhari to be true, since he has overwhelming proof, this will be a huge embarrassment for the Pakistan Election Commission nationally and internationally. The Election Commission will be guilty of acting unjust and ultra vires (beyond their powers). This will also be seen as blatant contempt to bring the office of Pakistan’s Election Commission Office into shame and disrepute, based on politically motivated victimisation.
In the eyes of the national and international law and clearly stated in the Pakistan constitution, every citizen of Pakistan, of voting age, has the legal democratic right to vote and to take part in the local and national elections. The only exception to this rule is if an individual or a political party is prevented from standing in any election in Pakistan, by Pakistan’s constitution and or they are banned by the Pakistan Supreme Court. It is therefore, imperative that justice and democracy must be upheld at all times, come what may, by every institution and authority, especially by the Pakistan Election Commission.
Whilst it is a well-known maxim of Pakistan politics which is, if you enter into Pakistan politics and your party is out of power you must accept and endure political victimisation, humiliation and all the consequences of being a Pakistan politician.
You have to accept fake and fabricated politically motivated allegations, charges and even prison. This means a Pakistani politician has to be prepared for their mother, father, wife and
children including the pet dog to be blatant and flagrant victims of political consequence in Pakistan.
They must accept, endure and embrace these consequences, which are the hazards of their profession of being a “Pakistan Politician”, said Shazada Hayat.
This injustice has been going on throughout Pakistan’s political history. Some prominent politicians have nearly paid with their lives and some have sadly paid with their lives. If they have not been killed or injured, they have certainly spent time in prison. This practice, as stated, has been going on far too long throughout Pakistan’s political history, regardless of which political party an individual may have belonged to.

Shazada Hayat continued, This practice of political victimisation has harmed and damaged Pakistan beyond comprehension, which has been the bane of progress of this great nation. As a result of the ongoing practice, it has led the Pakistani politicians primarily into political civil war between themselves.
Which has proved that Pakistan politicians have only been engrossed with their own political interest and the welfare of their political party, this has been over and above the welfare of the state and its people.
Pakistani politicians, as a result of this behaviour, have been distracted from the real politics of focusing on the fundamental issues of the nation. The education, health, housing, defence, employment, economy, foreign policy and the Kashmir issue have become secondary to the Pakistan politicians. Justice and democracy have become the oxygen of a prosperous nation, which sadly Pakistan has been deprived of,
One only needs to look at how democracy is upheld and respected in the United States, the most powerful nation on Earth, the UK and Europe. In the USA the former President Donald Trump has over a million allegation against him, he is in and out of American courts facing multiple charges. Despite all of this no one has dared to stop him from taking away his democratic, legal and constitutional right of standing in the next US election to be the next President of America. Similarly, in the UK, despite the most powerful Conservative Party government, the Labour Party, the Social Democratic Party and UKIP Party, including all the British press and media who all hate George Galloway with vengeance.

He was still not prevented from standing in the local parliamentary elections. Not only that, George Galloway went on to win a resounding landslide victory. He managed to get more votes than all of his opponents put together.
This is the true meaning and virtues of democracy. This is primarily the reason these nations are seen as great nations, both in terms of economically and military. The British Pakistani community joined those in Pakistan and the British members of Parliament,
Aurangzeb Akbar / Investigative Journalist
Source: Ak
urging Pakistan’s true patriotic guardians of the nation, to take immediate appropriate action, against the Pakistan Election Commission for their unfair practice. Pakistan is a great nation that expects and deserves from every institution to uphold the constitution and the law of the land and democratic process and value accordingly. No more political victimisation and or injustice must be tolerated, whether it’s against the PPP, PML (N) –(Q), PTI, MQM or any other political party in Pakistan. Zulfi Bukhari, is a Pakistani citizen who is innocent until proved guilty. He has sacrificed everything in the UK to serve Pakistan. It is his legal, constitutional, democratic human right to be able to contest any election in Pakistan. Pakistan was created by the father of the nation Quaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in the name of Allah, for every citizen of Pakistan. Therefore, justice must be done. May God bless Pakistan the land of and the pure.

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